Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new year, open to possibilities. In 2013, I resolve to try new varieties of wine, and read as many books as I can cram into a mere 365 days. Now that the library has Freading, and I am armed with both my Nook and iPad (which downloads Kindle books) I probably won't have to trudge to the library as often as in the past. Except to take my hubby, who disdains electronic readers and prefers a solid book in his hands.

And since I go in with him, I have to browse the shelves, right? and if there's a new book by one of my favorite authors in finger-tip reach, I naturally add it to his stack.

Isn't it wonderful to have so many choices? And with the explosion of new books on the market, our choices are nearly unlimited. Yum, it's like being in the candy store of my childhood, where a nickel could net you a little brown bag full of goodies.

When I was around four or five, I found a pebble that was flat and perfectly round, like a nickel. I took it to the store and offered it to the clerk. Amused, she allowed me to select several pieces of candy.

Wow! A magic pebble. I found another, and repeated my shopping trip.

The third time, the store owner contacted my mother. She thought it was funny. Mom did not. I was told the difference between a stone and a coin, and sent to  my room to brood upon my sins.

Suppose I had offered a real coin, and was given a bag filled with pebbles? Not so amusing.

With the onset of self-publishing, one can purchase a book and not realize until opening it that she has bought trash and not a treasure. While most of the SP books I have downloaded have been excellent reads, some should never have seen the light of day. Which makes people, once burned, suspicious of any SP book.

I think that, if not in 2013, but soon, there will be a self-governing board to vet SP novels before they reach the market. It can only help all of us who choose that route to publication. Sort of like a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

So that's my prediction for the new year.

And my great discovery of 2012 was that I can still ride a bike at age -- ha, ha, I'm not telling!

Happy New Year everyone and may blessing fall like rain upon your heads.


  1. Magic stones sound heavenly, but I get the turn around...not so cool. LOL But how cute. I'm not sure where SP is going, but I want in on the ride whichever way it goes. Nice post, Sandy. Have fun on that bike! :)

  2. I probably won't ride one again for another 30 years, smile. That was a one-time event.