Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And more...

The book trailer was created by my talented son.

And here is another excerpt just for Definition of a Dream readers:

     A slight noise made her look down. One of the thugs had recovered consciousness and was reaching for a knife. The metal of the blade gleamed under the streetlight’s rays. As Caroline concentrated on it, her eyes narrowed, the knife skittered just beyond his grasp. He grunted, reached again, this time getting a firm hold on the handle, and stood. Nathan and Fitz, looking down the street in anticipation of help, were oblivious of the danger scant inches behind them.
     There was no time to warn them. Caroline grabbed the first thing she saw, which was Amelia’s umbrella. With one quick step she poked the man in the back with the tip.
     “Drop the knife or I will blow a hole in your chest a greyhound could leap through,” she commanded.     When the man hesitated, she gave him another, harder jab. “I mean what I say. Drop it!” The horrors she had just endured made her reckless. All she wanted was for this nightmare to end and this idiot was not going to prolong it.
     The man obeyed and the knife clattered across the cobblestones.
     “Now sit down or I’ll shoot your head off. Maybe I’ll do it anyway. It could only improve your looks.”
     “No, don’t,” the man begged, sitting rather abruptly on one of his fellow’s legs.
     Fitz laughed when he saw the situation. “She means it,” he advised. “I wouldn’t move if I were you.”


  1. Great book trailer! I love them and I think they make a reader want more!
    That's a very good excerpt you've chosen too.
    I will keep that date in mind. In fact will write it down NOW.
    Thanks, Sandy
    Lila L. Pinord
    Fellow author

  2. Intriguing excerpt, Sandy.
    Was disappointed that I couldn't see the trailer. Would play on my machine. Will try again tomorrow.