Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The virtual mailbox

I worked on a newsletter today and I am about ready to go put my feet up.

Years ago, when I was doing newsletters for some organizations I belonged to (and still belong to some) I did them in Adobe PageMaker and then printed them out and mailed them. I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I finally learned how to set up a data base and print out the address labels.

Later on, I learned to design the newsletter in Word and then I could attach it to an email and send it out into the ether where it miraculously ended up in people's mailboxes. The ones on their computer, of course, not the one at the end of their driveway. This was after more people got computers and email accounts. For awhile I was emailing some and snail mailing the rest. By now, though, most people have email.

But then people upgraded on got different versions of Word or didn't have Word at all but some other word processing program. Not everyone could open the newsletter, so I learned to convert it to a .pdf and send it that way.

Recently, a suggestion was made that I send the newsletter via Mail Chimp. This program allows you to select a template and fill the blanks with your articles and pictures and then send it, not as an attachment, but in the body of the newsletter. Everyone can get it and they don't have to open or download a file.


Except I forget from one month to the next how to do it. Today I thought I was finished three times and three times my work got all messed up or disappeared completely.Then I remembered, duh, how I did last month's. I'm going to write it down so I don't forget next month.

Old dogs can learn new tricks, it just takes us longer.

I can't wait to see what the next new big thing is. I suppose I will have to learn to send the darn thing by mental telepathy.


  1. Mental telepathy...wonder how Microsft will corner that market.

    1. I was kidding, but if you can imagine it, it can happen...

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