Thursday, April 16, 2015

What's Next?

Since I wrote the last blog, many things have happened. I went to Book 'Em and had a great time meeting other authors and new readers. I sold more books than I expected to and as soon as I got home I signed up for next year.

Also, my latest book was released (sooner than I expected) and so I had to do some promoting to let people know it was available.

And, I am working on the third in the trilogy and discovered I wanted to make a major change in the plot. This meant going back and re-writing several key scenes. And re-writing again until I was satisfied.

Then I bought a book that helped me to make the video you see on the right. It isn't perfect and it isn't full of special effects, but it is my own and I am proud of it. A kind friend suggested the first effort went a  little too fast for her to read all the captions. It didn't take long to go back and add another second to each screen. I hope everyone can read it now. I'm a very fast reader, so I didn't realize what works for me might not work for others.

Now I'm preparing for our annual writers conference this Saturday (April 18). Our little book club has been doing this for seven years now and I am proud of what we do with so few people. Here's a link if you want to see who we have coming:

I want to get as much writing done while I can because I know once the warm weather comes, it's going to be so tempting to go outside and mess around with the yard. I never finished my clearing project last summer, so that will be first on my list. We had a  warm spell and I pruned all the fig trees and now I want to add a bench there. I have a lawn chair down there now for when I need to rest my back, but a bench will look much nicer.

And so it goes. One project leading to another, whether it be in the yard or at my computer.

And Spring come whether we are ready or not -- the greening of the trees, the flowering shrubs and blooming flower beds.

And the pollen. Can't forget the pollen.

Hope this rain washes it all away.

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  1. I enjoyed the trailer! Learning a new skill is fun, isn't it? Best wishes for a successful book release.