Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And the Award goes to ...

I am thrilled that I have been nominated for this award. My friend, Joelene Coleman, nominated me. I've never met Joelene in person, but we have been on-line friends since the winter of 2010. We were both in an online class on editing through the RWA (Romance Writers of America). The class bonded so well that we didn't want to cut the connection loose, so we formed a Yahoo! group called the Writing Divas. In the two years since then, most of us have become published authors or are on the brink. Joelene has a book coming out this spring,  Designer Genes.

The rules for this award are:
Visit the blog of the person who nominated you, thank them, and acknowledge them on your blog.

Answer the questions below and nominate up to 20 loggers whom you feel are awesome and deserving of notice. Visit their blog and let them know. (I e-mailed the good news because I am not sure they would notice a comment.)

Cut and paste the award to your wall.

And answer the following questions.

So, here goes. (Imagine me standing on the high dive and gazing down. You will understand this image better  as you read on.)

If you could change one thing, what would you change?

I would take back every mean or ugly thing I've ever said. Words do hurt, and apologies, no matter how sincere, don't ease the pain. It lasts forever.

If you could be any age, what would it be?

The same age I am now. I don't want to go back and repeat mistakes or fight the same battles. I have time to write,  engage with friends and family, and read. Did I say, and read?

What is the one thing that really scares you?

Height. I never used to be afraid. As a kid, I'd climb a tree or a fire tower on the drop of a dare. Now I'm afraid to step on the second rung of the kitchen step stool. I have no idea when this sneaked up on me.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

A gymnast, ballerina, or ice skater. I've been such a klutz all my life, I'd like to know how it feels to be in control of every muscle in my body. I'd just once like to hear someone say, "Isn't she graceful!" instead of, "Uh-oh, I bet that hurt."

Now I get to nominate some bloggers. My nominees are:

Carole St. Laurent
Nancy Northcott
Robin Weaver
Ashantay Peters
Heather McGovern and Elizabeth Michaels
and the group bloggers at Bad Girlz Write

Thanks for dropping by, and please visit the links on this page. And, to my nominees, I hope you play along. It's been fun.


  1. YAY, Sandy! Congrats on the award. I know the clutzy feeling too well, too. LOL

  2. So it's not just me who has to think twice before stepping on a stool. Maybe it's that fear of breaking a hip? I think as we get older, we focus more on how we might get hurt because we know we'll never heal 100% or be worse. Thanks for playing along. Now that taxes are done, I can lift my head up again. Off to check out your nominees.

  3. Sandy, congratulations on the nomination. I have just finish reading "The Almost Bride". I know it is a clique to say you could't put a book down but once I got inside it, it did put some other reading material aside. I enjoyed the characters especially since I have known a Jill and dated a Lily once. Hey I even dated a gal who lived in the Atlanta Five Points area (but she wasn't a Lily) and know the Valdosta GA area. So not only did I identify with the characters, the setting was familiar. Great read and this is from a historical fiction/James Bond guy.