Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I figured a few extra pounds at my age wasn't a big deal until my doctor informed me otherwise.

"Lose the weight." It was a royal edict with the "or else" implied.

I had lost the extra pounds a few years ago, but it slowly crept back, ounce by ounce and French fry by French fry.

Years ago, another doctor (who had the same advice--are they in cahoots?) told me diet without exercise was as useless and exercise without diet. You have to do both to make any headway. And, there is no magic pill or diet drink or anything else that will help you.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

I know from experience that being at your optimal weight is healthier for your body, mind and spirit. And, as a cancer survivor, I know that being overweight is one of the risk factors.

So, wanting to stay healthy as well as feel and look better, I embarked on my new regime. I did fine for a week, then blew a third of a day's calories on a fast-food chicken sandwich. Ouch.

Rather than browbeat myself, I headed for the park and walked for a half hour (1.6 miles).

So this is the end of week one. If I can find time to write every day, I can find time to walk. If I can research a period in history for my novel, I can research calories and fat grams for my food count.

If you are thinking of starting a diet (or a book, but my advice for that is different), here are some helpful links:


A free app to keep track of the calories you consume each day.

Writing Healthy

Website started by my writing friend Carole St. Laurent whose journey to fitness will inspire you.

Tea Time Romance

A blog about changing. It's geared to writers, but good advice for anyone.

Okay. Now it's time to work on my book.


  1. Hi Sandy,
    I have a similar goal--think weight is especially problematic for writers since we should be spending time typing. How do you find time to write and exercise. Especially if you also have a full-time job that requires even more sitting and typing.

    Great post

  2. Awesome post. Busy woman. Good luck.
    You can reach me at bidelia78@yahoo.com

  3. Terrific post, and great advice. I can't find the MFRW Blog hop badge?

  4. Good advice. I need to walk, too, as soon as the ice clears away. I'm looking for the MFRW blog post, too.