Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Best camping trip ever

Rain, rain, go away!

The yard is a bog, the creek has risen, the flowers are limp, and spirits are low.

Summer is the time for outdoor fun, not pressing your face to the win
dow and wishing for a rainbow.

All this rain reminds me of the time I took the three boys camping in Delaware. It was a really nice camp, with lots of activities for the children, walking trails, and all the things a good campsite should have.

Unfortunately, it rained all week. My one week of vacation, which I  had paid good money for, and all it did was rain.

Was the trip a washout? Heck, no.

The counselors carried on with their games. The kids made ponchos from garbage bags, shucked their shoes off, and played along.

I rigged up an awning from a sheet of plastic and some clothes line so we could sit outside. We had a very small, Swedish camper that barely had room for me and the boys to stretch out at night, so we had to cook, eat and sit outside. Which we did, to the pleasant accompaniment of rain hitting our makeshift "roof."

My sister and her family had the site next to mine. We got together and made endless cups of hot tea and read our books around the campfire. Her husband napped. I was a single mom at the time, so entertaining another adult was nor something I had to worry about.

It was a great trip and we had a great time. Toward the end of the week the clouds dispersed and the sun came out.

By that time, it really didn't matter. We had learned to work with the weather instead of fighting it or complaining. When I mention it now, the boys (now with children older than they were at the time) tell me they don't remember the rain, just the fun they had.


  1. I remember a camping trip like yours - but I do remember the rain and cold rather than the fun. Shame on me.

    Glad you had a good time after all!

  2. What a lovely, lovely memory. And I can imagine how delighted you were to hear your sons say they only remember the fun. Changes how I'm looking out my windows, but still I am remaining inside, high and dry so to speak! One thing I used to love to do is walk the beaches when it rained as there were few other hardy souls about then, no crowds, thus it was a lovely peaceful time of solitude. We rarely get over to the beaches now but I miss those times.

  3. That's a great memory, Sandy. When it rains, I used to complain. I still do sometimes, being a tennis captain, I have to reschedule matches and it can be a pain in the bottom. But mostly, I'm thankful for a lush lawn and a break from exercise. ;-)

  4. I keep the trailer stocked with cards and videos, however, what I love to do most on a rainy afternoon in the mountains is take a nap! Fun memory, Sandy.