Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I've been going through "Riverbend" looking for typos and such and guess what? I found a huge, glaring error that if let slide would have had hundreds of readers contacting me to let me know how wrong I was.

Ahem. That's if I get the book published and it actually garners hundreds of readers. However, I am optimistic. You have to be in this business or no one would ever write anything.

In the novel, I write about an attempted murder and a trial. The murder weapon is a saddle girth that the villain has cut so that it tears apart and throws the rider. I tell that there might have been a mistake when the villain mistook the son's saddle for the father's.

As I re-read it, I said to myself, "A nine-year-old boy would not be using an adult saddle on his pony."

For one thing, I doubt the pony would put up with it.

So I'm going through the story again to remove all references to the doubt about the intended victim.

Because I really don't want to get angry fan mail. (In which case, can it be called "fan" mail?)

Have you ever come across a glaring error in a book and been tempted to write the author and correct her? Or did you decide never to read another of her books?

Either way, I'm glad I caught this error. And if I have any more, I hope my beta readers will catch them before I begin sending the manuscript out. If an editor catches it, the chances are "Riverbend" will never see print.

Even optimism can't overcome carelessness.


  1. We've contacted authors from time to time about errors we detected (things that could not have happened as presented, geographical or other location-type errors in descriptions, etc.) in several cases we have gotten quite nice responses thanking us for pointing out the errors, though, to be honest, with major publishing houses involved, there is little chance of an errata page or two! Still it felt nice to have the authors express gratitude. Those who were silent left the impression that they were, perhaps, less than grateful.

  2. You make a good point there, Sandy. And it has happened to me before! (hate when that happens). A lot of rewriting is in store for the writer in cases like this. No one has written and complained - yet!
    Good luck and have fun with it.
    I enjoy your books.
    Lila L. Pinord
    Author of four books.