Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What are you afraid of?

My cat, Spooky, is afraid of everything. She spends her time hiding under the bed where she imagines she is safe from: barking dogs, shadows, telephones, things moved from one place to another, sudden noises...

She will be snuggled up to my leg as I read, and leap to the floor and run as soon as I turn a page.

Yesterday I got a lap tray I  had ordered and put it on the sofa. She jumped up, saw it, and nearly twisted herself inside out trying to get away from this new menace. A few minutes later, she put her front paws on the sofa, eyed the monster, then touched it. It didn't move, so she jumped up and sniffed it, touching it again with one paw. Deciding it was "safe," she dared to lie down beside it.

She is a rescue cat, so I don't know what made her so distrustful of anything new in life. She may have been abused as a kitten. One clue is that while she loves to have her back scratched, any sudden moves toward her head sends her into full-blown panic mode.

When we have company, they swear they don't believe we have a cat. I point out the toys, the water and food dishes and tell them I'm too old to play elaborate hoaxes.

They insist on seeing a cat.

She did surprise us once by coming into the den when we had guests. She even let one of them pet her. I wanted to grab my camera and record this jaw-dropping event, but the flash would have sent her scrambling for safety.

While she is terrified of anything and everything, we all have at least one thing we are terrified of. My terrors are largely imaginary--every time I go up the hill on Anson High Road, I imagine a car coming up the hill on the other side is attempting to pass and will meet me head-on at the crest.

Hasn't happened, but it could. People don't think a piano will fall on their head, either, but there are verified reports of this happening.

What's your secret fear? is it rational or off the wall? You can share and we won't laugh at you.

Too much.


  1. Your cat is beautiful and thank you for your rescue.

  2. She might be a "fraidy cat" but she's very pretty. My cat is kinda jumpy too. Crumples up paper though she loves! Mine is a rescue cat too. The only person she goes near is me! I'm afraid of going in for blood tests! Never know what they might find! LOL

  3. My fear is to become more fearful as I grow older. I keep thinking it won't happen, but it happened to my mother and grand-mother, and they were pretty fearless, younger.

  4. Maybe if you'd called her something less, well, less "spooky"? Perhaps Athena or Hera? My great fear is becoming incapacitated in some way, perhaps immobile or worst of all, losing my memory as I watched my dear adopted mom, Lorraine, in her last few years being incapacitated by Alzheimers. The only two "bright" spots were that she recognized both me and my dear stepdad, John, when we were with her. And she liked for me to sing to her and rub lotion on her arms and legs. Sigh. Who will do that for me? Rufus promises but what if . . . . Nope not going there.