Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Decisions, decisions

Here it is Tuesday again. I'm pleased to announce I have finished my sequel and it is now being read by my favorite proofreaders/editors.

I'd celebrate by going outside and lopping some trees in the back yard, but it's 95 degrees out there and I'm not insane enough to venture forth. I did make a quick trip to the library, but hey, that's an emergency, right?

So while I wait for feedback, my plan is to re-visit an earlier work, send out a query or two, or maybe clean my work space, which has become a giant, teetering, pile of  papers, notebooks, files, and miscellany.

Or I could look for some promotional sites that aren't the kind that only other authors post on, hoping desperately to be noticed and re-posted or re-Tweeted.

Or (and this is more likely) I'll grab my iPad and click on Acorn, which I joined for a free month last night in order to watch Louise Penney's "Still Life," the first in her Three Pines mystery series.

And watch a movie.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan for a lazy, hot Tuesday afternoon


  1. Like you, I am revisiting something I wrote years ago - and it sounds good again! I have A Question of Boundaries, but haven't had the time to read it yet. Other friends send me their books and want me to read and review them, plus writing my own. Writers just do not have enough time for all we'd like to do!

    1. That is so true. I love writing book reviews, though.

  2. It feels like your kid just like your kid left for college when you finally finish that book, but it is a sweet sorrow. Congrats on getting it to your readers. Lynette

    1. Thanks. I am not as fast a writer as you, so it's a long time between "kids."