Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The next Big Thing

Woke up this morning and it is cold outside! I don't mind changes in the weather, but they ought to come softly, a degree or two at a time.

But nature doesn't work that way any more than life does. Things happen with the suddenness of a lightning bolt. One minute we're whistling Dixie and the next we're flat on our backs.

So I'm not complaining about a little drop in the temperature. Right now things are fine and I hope they will stay that way for awhile. Maybe the next Big Thing will be good or maybe it will be not-so-good.

When we're young, things like illness or the death of a loved one come as surprises. They're not supposed to happen.

Then you reach an age where such events are not welcome, but expected. That doesn't mean they hit any easier, but we're cushioned in a way that our tender younger selves weren't.

When we're young we confidently expect to earn that promotion or win that three-book contract. When the Good Big Thing doesn't happen, we're as crushed as if it were a real catastrophe.

The advantage of maturity is we now know the difference between disappointment and tragedy. And, hopefully, we can endure either with grace.

So I keep on keeping on and living each day as it comes. I know this is a plateau and that sooner or later the next Big Thing will turn my world upside down yet another time.

I hope it's Good Big Thing. And I wish the the same for you.


  1. I hope good things for you, too, Sandy. Maybe something like A Questions of Boundaries hit the best seller list. Getting ready to download it, but I still want an autographed copy.

  2. I am still waiting for the Big Thing! Smile. I never did get disappointed since I was new in the game of writing books and needed a lot more practice under my belt. Sorry I am so slow in getting back to your blogs - which I love to read by the way - but so many things have come up recently like eye surgery, trying to keep up with my critique team which just added a new member and we had to catch him up on all we've written so far. Whatta hassle. But you usually hit the nail right on the head with your blogs. See ya next time!
    Lila Pinord
    Author of four novels.